Milan Roeterink is working for more than 25 years in Leyden Art Center Haagweg4. His painting isn’t really about ‘objects’, but primarily about paradox and ambiguity, Since 1978 Milan has been engaged in modeling and portrait painting. In 1986 he picked-up landscape painting. His painting is always ‘a la prima’ and ‘real-life’, i.e. in direct interaction with either his model, or light, atmosphere, smells, sounds, weather, elements, space. Milan had personal classes at Jan Willem Maronier’s for 22 years, and entertains close co-operation with various Leyden-based artists, like Frank Alblas, Lucienne Fabriek, Robin Akkerman, Fieke Weilers, Ricarda Zielonka.

In his post of March 13 the leading Leyden dandyesque blogger Dorian d’Oliveira has pictured the artist Milan Roeterink in an impressionist interview-like essay (in Dutch).  Delicate themes  like ambiguity, openess, vulnerability of exposure are discussed against the background of esthetic and philosophical considrations.